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Inherent Simplicity – A Key Pillar of TOC


Organizations have been finding it difficult to gather metrics data and trends that are directly impacting the business objectives. This pain is more pronounced in software organizations.

Dr Eliyahu Goldratt advocates that if we map causes, effects and opportunities, then reality turns out to be very simple. He calls this great concept as Inherent Simplicity – the home ground for TOC.


The Metric Y can have many input parameters Xᵢ to Xn.

Business Objective  -> Program/Project Metrics   Y = F (X)

There are many  metrics(Y) we derive like Productivity, Velocity, Effort deviation, Schedule deviation, Defect slippage, Turn around time for resolving bugs / defects, Rework and more. While there are different categories of Y,  in most of the metrics that business needs to monitor and achieve is just two input parameters(X) Size (number units )and effort (time. Days) to arrive any metrics. Since we know for sure input variables (X) are just two i.e size and effort, it is important for the organizations to ensure capturing these inputs data accurately while the tasks are carried out in the system. From these accurate simple data organizations can derive metrics that are relevant to them.

Do you have any examples that used simple solutions to address large points. Please share.


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