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One of the four Pillars of TOC – All conflicts can be resolved

All conflicts can be resolved.

One of the four pillars of Theory of Constraints is that “All conflicts can be resolved”.

Let us look take an example of  pole vaulting example in the sports.

The Pole Vaulter has roughly four  stages :

1.Approach . Run-up from the start of till vaulter reaches the vaulting-pit.

2.Planting the pole in the vault box.

3.Take off using the speed of the run by planting of the pole .

4.Swing up  to reach the top of the bar and  Fly away by pushing the  pole.

In Step 1 the Pole is used as the Tool.

In Step 2 & 3 – Pole is used as process work flow to reach the Goal.

Step – 4, After reaching the near top of the Bar, vaulter will identify the timing and drops the pole at right time as the pole is the

Conflicts resolution

Conflicts resolution

constraint to reach the Goal. Goal – Successful landing is achieved.

It shows that both opportunities and challenges (constraints and yields) need not be always separate from each other. Depending upon the positioning and timing in the life cycle of a product same entity can serve as a tool as well as constraint.

Let me know you have any experience / inputs in identifying the constraint and tool in a similar manner.



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