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Lenify Flow

Lenify flow – Optimize the flow through bottleneck

Group review of software work products is one of the effective ways in reducing the work flow of Product through various gates of software life cycle. Typically the time taken using Group review methods to review software work products  like Software requirements, Design work products, Code, Testing documents is reduced up to one third of effort, it would otherwise take if these are reviewed by individual people.

For example the if the software development team after receiving business requirements from customer, review the requirements as team consisting of Project Manager, Project members, Architects, Quality group, Business Analysts and support functions they might take together say 3-5 hours for a requirements review. All these stakeholders will come out with their queries that can be consolidated and sent to customer on the same day for clarifications. On the other hand, If the project team reviews individually they might take say 2-3 days and then send to others for their inputs. This might involve more than 3 days since it not only involves review effort but also the waiting time from each of the stakeholders plus additional communication overheads.

The group review method is one of good technique that can be put reduce the waiting time, reduce the total effort and to increase the speed and the increase the product flow during the software development process. Group review of software work products is one of the effective ways in reducing bottleneck and accelerates the flow of work products.


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