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Handling is good, Awareness is better – of Muda

Being aware of process and project MUDAs is more important than handling them. As it is rightly considered in software engineering that defects are injected into the work products at various stages and not inherent in the system. (Though in Six Sigma parlance we have 1.5 sigma shift caused due to passage of time, is in different context altogether)

At the beginning of any project inconsistencies in understanding between customer/end-user requirement and software vendor understanding of the requirement, there is waste called MURA that is created. This is not created by the system rather caused unintentionally between the stakeholders viz, software vendor development team and customers. This is where awareness of MUDA or any types of wastes is really going to benefit the teams. Tools are deployed, Business analysts are employed , still there will be some inconsistencies  May be, it is impossible to get the same and right understanding between development team and customer on round one of the discussion on requirements. However all parties involved should be just aware that the wastes of different nature like MUDA,MURA and MURI can get introduced into system in spite of the best skills displayed by the team. Experienced teams should keep a list of assumptions on the possible wastes that they feel at each stage. Over a period of time and project progress, the assumptions can be validated by the reviews of work products along the common goals shared by all stake holders.

This is true for all phased of software development. Wherever there is an input, process and output sequence involving multiple interfaces of people, there will be wastes injection. Just the awareness and recording of these wastes assumptions will help the team to review and progress gradually towards a great product vision.

The Lean coach therefore drives the awareness of MUDA,MURI and MURA more than handling them. Because as it is said in PM circles one size does not fill all, much the same way  there is no common list of wastes that can serve as check-list for different product development working with different vision and stakeholders.

Being aware of the Waste is more important than handling them



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  1. Wonderful Post! According to me, In tough economic times like these we need to look at every area we can save money. Since time is money, wasted time is wasted money. By eliminating muda from the workplace we can save money and become more productive.

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