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Is the process – Part time pass time or Full time Agile?

Is the process – Part time pass time or Full time Agile?

for Small and Medium enterprises that are consolidating their models of project executions, Lean principles and Agile methodologies are best suited. Quicker  time to market , faster feedbacks and collaborative approaches do the trick in minimising initial risks and saving good dollars for all stake holders involved. While in Bigger enterprises it might take lots of time to migrate to Lean approaches from non Lean methods, best way to get started will be to try in pockets and slowly and gradually adapt towards global approaches.

Big or small in either cases the mission is to eliminate Muda and create Values. For this to happen, process should not be a pass time part time, rather it should be full time Agile. Value creation at all levels should be continuous focus with right deployment of tools. The Lean approaches like 5S, MUDA elimination, Gemba, Kaizen, Kanban should not be used as just another Management flavour of the month or quarter. This is what I mean by pass time part time approach. Rather the  the management should be take couple of lean tools Kaizen,5S for example and achieve continuous improvements towards longer periods. This way the organizations will get long term benefits like perpetual value creation from Management, employees and all associated stake holders.

In long term approach may be Q on Q results may not show up immediately, however Lean can not go wrong if applied with full fervour and spirit in the long run. It is best to follow the Quality Guru Dr Deming’s principle of creating a constancy of purpose towards long term improvement.  Replace part time process be full time Agile.


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