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Process – a night time Moon

Process should not be like a day light moon. It Should be like Sun and like night time moon.

If the process is built around compliance focus only, it will loose the confidence of the practitioners.  There will be instances that people will complete the artefacts just for the sake of evidences rather than as learning tools.

Best way is to LEAN forward. Use tools and visuals just as necessary and nothing more to create value and remove MUDA. Let the dashboards are created along the process steps. The burn down chart in Agile development uses great visual chart (Burn Down Chart) that helps the team to correct their gaps in achieving their goals and objectives along the way instead of waiting till the development is over and fire fight.

During day light some times, moon does show up but there’s no use of that moon light. In the dark nights though Moon light, is very beneficial and a treat to watch. Process should help the organisations during darker periods of problem and conflicts rather than just display the charts(light) during good times (light).  Process should help the organisations like night time Moon and Sun.


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