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MUDA- Agile-combination – long term as well as short term benefits

Agile can be used to build a great product that can use best of both worlds like long term vision – building a good  overall product as well as quicker return of investment – by delivering working iterations in quicker sprints.

Awareness of MUDA  is more important at the mental level than the measurement level. Just to expand this,  the team need not have checklists of do’s and don’ts rather focus on what is really important to customer in the current project and eliminating everything that customer does not want. During the initial two to three sprints there will be mutual learning between the customer and vendor and then once the PULL mechanism is established , the MUDAs can be identified from all perspectives, the value and product will flow in smoother manner by eliminating the MUDAs

Identifying objectives for the common good of all stakeholders and customers in particular will help define the MUDAs that need to be eliminated from the system.  This will make to faster deliveries, better products and cheaper costs for all the stake holders


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