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Handling Service MURA and MURI

Service MURAs:–

is understanding terms differently within the same organization. One common situation is that Agility is interpreted with multiple meanings from different sections of the organization depending upon the size of the project, engagement model, offshore-onsite structure, delivery criteria, experienced levels of resources etc It is suggested to have knowledge sharing sessions on the common contexts of the company policies including processes, models and procedures. This will clear our inconsistencies in meanings of concepts and models within the organization. Although project level inconsistencies need to be removed, this might be little easier when compared to removing organizational inconsistencies. Trainings and awareness sessions, quizzes and book reading sessions will help to spread the consistencies of concepts quickly and effectively within the organization.

Service MURIs

could be duplication of procedures and non value added activities that strains the  flow of the development / delivery processes. When the lean tools are applied to effectively eliminate non value added activities, there will be less strain on the work flows that will quicken the product outflows. Multiple reviews in excess for a same stage process, passing same information to multiple locations at different times, gold plating of work products that are not required are some of the MURIs in service industries. Some thoughtful actions like group reviews (as against multiple reviews), conference collaboration with all stakeholders in different locations at same time, developing and focusing on just enough requirements could do well in eliminating service MURIs



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