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Quality principles and Agile

Customer Focus:

Internal and external customer focus. Pulling of values by customer. High level of customer transparency


Servant leadership  – everyone owns the product

Involvement of People

Full stakeholder collaboration including developers, end users, QA, Management, etc

Process approach

Elimination of non value added steps and ensuring focus remain closely with respect to current priorities

System approach to management

Keeping in mind the bigger picture of product vision each sprint is developing a theme towards the making of final  product. Automated testing and continuous integration form system approach

Continual improvement

Learning from the previous deliveries of iterations of scrum, incorporating the customer / stakeholder feedback and striving for elimination of NVAs(non value added wastes) from the processes demonstrate continual improvement.

Factual approach to decision making

Decisions are taken through real data obtained through direct stakeholder like customer and end users. All iterations / releases can be directly consumed by users. User feedback gets incorporated into subsequent sprints. Great way of factual approach.

Mutually beneficial supplier relationships

Supply chain efficiency is at its best in Agile / Lean development since customers, vendors and all stake holders are in continuous contact with each other monitoring the product development. Software vendor delivers product to immediate customer, gets the billing done, customer releases products to end customers through various sales channels and monetize the product releases. End users get their requirements fulfilled


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