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Gemba Walks in Scrum

In Service industries like software development, we can use Gemba walk in Scrum stand up meetings and Collaborative Hub reviews and also during reviews and retrospective.

Though in manufacturing industries, actual shop floor is the place Gemba walks mostly happen, in software development with the right stakeholders around, we can leverage Gemba walks to great benefit.

At the Standup meeting just sticking to chosen standard questions like, what happened, what is planned and what were the hurdles, A scrum leader can Gemba walk through by understanding the perspectives of each stakeholder contributing the stand-up meeting. Key is not to overdo as stand-ups are limited to 15 minutes or so.

During product dashboard reviews using burn down charts, excellent opportunity is in front of scrum master and product owner to Gemba walk, ask questions by showing respect to all stakeholders involved. This will create a great deal of confidence and also enable the team to open up their minds to achieve a common product vision.

Finally during reviews and retrospectives, scrum leader can Gemba walk along with team and ask right “why” questions and see an opportunity to introduce lean tools like PULL, Kaizen, MUDA elimination as they best fit for the current situations


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