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Right metrics or (getting the) metrics right – Use systemic thinking

Makes one wonders why there are many differences in measurement systems between many projects.  Automatically goes to prove that a good input and standard way of using measures to derive metrics is essential.  Best results can be achieved by making all the projects and team understand the agree on what should be unit time and effort consist of.  For example an ideal use case in case of Agile projects can be made as 6 hours excluding break and lunch times, assuming average experience of all team members does not vary beyond +/- 10%. Similar approach can be followed for all metrics.

As it is obvious that with just two inputs like time and counts literally all metrics like effort /schedule variance, productivity, defect density, turnaround time etc can be measured, it will a world of good for the project teams to agree upon the standard definitions on various units used in the projects. A slight tuning and agreement will sure do the trick in getting project measurements right.

A tool is just as good as the user. Whereas systemic thinking and applications equalises most of the fluctuations.


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