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Muda Agility Mapping

Over Production  Heavy Code Base, extra  WPS, more buffer resources contributing to non required features, obsolete WPs
Waiting  Unnecessary Hand-offs,  Excessive change request approvals,  in efficient Server set up time, unwanted tools installation, unplanned leaves
Unnecessary Transport or
Unnecessary movement of work products at different levels within the project, as against Kanban and collaborative Hub
Excess Inventory  Product / Application – Waiting for cross platforms, multi OS testing because the testing and user environments are not yet ready.
Over processing  requirements gold plating, design gold plating, etc., poor tools selection
Motion / Unnecessary
Wastage of time and energy. Spread out teams of same product, too much to and fro , no knowledge sharing
Defects  costs heavily to the vendors and customers alike.  Detecting the defects early by using Agile approaches likes TDD, Pair programming, Extreme programming

2 Responses

  1. Good summary, I also like Mary and Tom Poppendieck’s mapping to software. Anyway “unnecessary transport” is not just a problem with handoffs but also of quality of the handoff especially regards to Tacit information. More detail on this on my blog http://everydayagile.wordpress.com/2013/01/12/valuable-versus-value-your-customers-needs/

  2. Thanks. Went through your ‘Valuable versus value’ post. It is a good read.

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