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Happier stakeholders – Spirit of Agile

Mazhithalum neetalum venda ulagam

pazhithadhu ozhithu vidin

A great couplet from Tamil Sage Thiruvalluvar. Loosely it translates as neither sporting  a shaven head nor locks of hair tresses are required for those who abide by the codes and conduct of the world. Meaning, it is better to live in the spirit of worldly wisdom without physically pretending to be a sage.

A great relation can be deduced from agile for the above couplet meaning.

neither gold-plating nor abstaining(form processes) required

if user-world benefits from(products or services).

As in Lean, Agile also advocates quicker time boxed deliveries of working iterations with just necessary processes. gold plating of upstream activities like requirement, design and too much overheads will defeat the spirit of Agile .  Conversely, total avoidance of any planning, reviews and risk management will be sure road to debacle of products and services.

Just necessary process and sufficient tailoring will create products that will make all stake holders happier.


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