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Seed Lean, Weed Muda and Yield Revenues

In general context Waste will be something that is not adding value to a system or process or output. Specifically in industrial applications whatever is extra to the present current activity is considered as waste. In  Agile parlance non required activity / feature is waste for the sprint in context. Hence we can interpret wastes in Agile as over documentation, lengthy meetings, too much steps for any activity, maintenance of documents in too many places are some examples.

One solution to help curb wastes will be to follow MSCW methodology –  for feature prioritization for the current sprint, which indeed will help in eliminating wastes effectively.

M – Must be requirements

S – Should be requirements

C – Can be requirements

W – Won’t be requirements

In addition to prioritization, waiting times like sign-offs, document approvals, too many reports / records for the same artefact in multiple machines, including non stakeholders in stand-ups all these can be contributing to Wastes.

Seed Lean, Weed (out) Muda and Yield Revenues


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