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Preferable over Pleasurable II – experience over perception

Breakthrough improvements – Prefer experience over perception

It is very easy to breach than honour processes for the sake of meeting delivery schedules, more so in Agile context.  However solid standardization practices will help any team to get to the basic project  control mode quickly while giving project teams a way to think and innovate beyond.

The path of least resistance (PoLT)syndrome affects almost all teams taking shade under the Agile cloud. Even agile advocates refactoring and review phases during sprint ends. Then we have automatic unit testing tools, continuous integration tools, code checkers etc that are used in Agile projects generate good enough data for the organisation to better their performances in future sprints.

Skipping processes for the sake of Agility is like saying that the Sun is hidden by the cloud.

The irony is that

  • Sun creates cloud,
  • cloud is nowhere near Sun on distance front and
  • to sight the cloud itself Sun is required.

Similar note, Agile is created by good process and team work, till the sprint zero we have to have good software engineering processes like BRM, SRS ,Architecture, Design, Planning etc. To recognize good agile projects we need to have tracking process like Velocity, average velocity, defects reduction while scaling up the sprints. Good Unit testing and integration methodologies should also be implemented to ensure great agile deliveries.

Many real time project managers experienced that Agile is great with just enough processes.  In the same note it s just a (PoLT) perception that Agile needs little or no processes.

Choose the Preferable over Pleasurable


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