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If Agile Sprint is fastest – process should be disciplined

Jenson Button’s pitcrew set a new world record for the fastest-ever pitstop in Formula 1 history: 2.31s at Santander German Grand Prix.

While appreciating this unbelievable performance of Jenson pitcrew in F1, a thought came on the Agile sprint deliveries.

For achieving this kind of superlative service performance, surely  an enormous amount of practice, planning and execution would have gone behind.

Assuming a normal agile sprint of 2 weeks service delivery, project teams and stake holders  are many times reluctant in following disciplined process of project management and tend to skipping reviews, not tracing the requirements effectively, poor estimation or nil estimation etc.

May this great clinical performance by McLaren’s team will help Agile Project Managers in believing to deliver fastest sprint delivery and still following required processes and indeed use those processes effectively for achieving greatest performances.

Just enough process accelerates breakthrough performance. Happy 2013!


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