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Compliance, Management and Excellence

Thinking from own experience, it is very interesting to compare and contrast Compliance, Management and Excellence in projects.

With millions of articles and deliberations around the world insisting that standardisation (Management) and Innovation (excellence) have to be two sides of the same coin, gated by compliance (standards and processes), here’s an attempt to understand the relative importance of Compliance, Management and Excellence in projects.

While Management takes major chunk of the project pie, other two factors Compliance and Excellence have their significant roles in ensuring an organisation’s overall current and future goals are met and tracked.  While Excellence and compliance are intended to be globally applied across the projects, locations and organisations, there are many challenges in implementing them in any organisation. This means that Management factor is given more focus and less focus is given to Compliance and excellence.

Does the survival and sustenance method looks like this?

Comply to just enough processes for just enough areas, Excel is in pockets of areas, and Manage most of the areas.

If that be so, it can be a good starting point to ensure synergy by moving away from compliance mindset to managing the projects effectively for maximum projects and functions and then improve by consistent innovations to scale up on excellence.

Even best of the big companies have been affected by compliance standards and few times fail to meet excellence levels that they have set forth.  However they manage to stay top by ensuring Management of projects effectively.

can there be a ratio of compliance, management and excellence model to be set across to different sizes of organisation?

Fellow professional, please share your thoughts


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