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Innovation happens on comparing apples with oranges

Why not compare apple with Oranges. In fact innovation comes from non conforming concepts only.  Non conventional wisdoms considered to be taboo have been proven solid facts like Earth is ellipsoid and not flat as it was thought for centuries.

Waterfall and sequential model was challenged and emerged Agility models.

Education based on theories have been replaced by application and work shop models.

If we try to analyse how breakthrough innovation happens, it is  by comparing apple with oranges like in the above quoted examples and not by comparing  small sized to big sized apples.

Reasons for innovations are many.  Gurus who impart knowledge for creating breakthrough innovations are two kind. One is knowledge (reason) guru and other one is causal (trigger) guru. Knowledge imparting Guru helps in upgrading popular knowledge of the followers and make them expert in the same field. Whereas non traditional Causal Guru help the students themselves evolve to reach breakthrough innovation.

In the recent times we have best example of innovation – that is TWITTER. .  140 characters  of super communication shared between millions of users. Awesome. This example of causal guru led innovation. Here Guru can me a person or an idea or an inspiration or even revelation if one may call it

Any thoughts!


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