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Kanban and Risk Management

A great thought from Tirukkural – Tamil saint Thiruvalluvar couplet on Risk Planning and management.


Anjuvadhu Anjaamai Pedhamai: Anjuvadhu

Anjal Arivaar Thozhil


Not preparing for the unprepared is ignorance. Preparing for the unprepared is wise’s way.


Risky unplanned fails. Risks

planned leaders ways.


Risks are for sure to exist in any project regardless of domains. If not planned to consider the impacts and cause elimination and control, will lead to long term failures. Kanban is an excellent way to keep track of project progress and risk control. Agile effectively uses this Lean concept in reducing wastes and improving effectiveness of the product deliveries. Collaboration Hub can synchronize with Product backlog and ensure that all the stakeholders have visibility to all activities of sprints and product development. Upstream misunderstanding in architecture and design phases prior to sprints can become very minimal and risks are majorly contained by use of Kanban boards.  Unlike the detailed project management  activities carried out in waterfall model project managers cannot afford to have bandwidth in sprint based Agile models. In these cases Kanban is great way to monitor development and contain risk.


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