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Feature development and Bug effacement – The other way round TRIZ 13

Personality development and defect effacement…..Product Development and Product Testing

Development is focussed on giving personal experience to the product user. Improving customer perception about product is the objective of all vendors. Many of the products / services / tools experience are decided by the first few looks and thoughts of customers when it comes to web.

This augurs well with the fact that product should give a feel of personal experience(development) to its user. However from the testing point of view all the critical paths need to be tested so that the product does not fail in the customer’s expectation. We can say that defect effacement is the tester’s manifesto. Other words, try to break the requirements from all needs and expectations of customer.  Requirements related to Performance, user, functional and non functional testing covering optimum scenarios must be tested if products need to be successful.

A product should be evolved by using quite opposite perceptions and contradictions at the same time. Personality development (developing customer personal experience – the product) and defects effacement (impersonal testing, testing to break all developed features) are great examples that fulfill the criteria of  TRIZ Principle 13. The other way round.


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