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Passion over reason

TRIZ ideality states that it is directly proportional to useful function and inversely proportional to System Resistance.

Ideality =  (Useful function) / (Harm(resistance) + resources(systemized))

Resistance itself is a great bottleneck in any useful work flow and here we refer to system resistance that is to say more organized resistance that follows logic and reason and ensure total resistance.

A simple story that comes to mind here is about two frogs that had accidentally fell into a  small pot of curd.

They were struggling to to get out of the Pot and got jammed at the bottom of the pot.

One frog was a rational thinking web 2.0 frog and used his logical skills and told the other frog “we got fixed and there’s no way out, really”, “why waste energy and just remain as they were”

The other frog replied “I see your point well, there’s no use in our effort to get out of here”, “however I will keep hopping and jumping”, “may be something might happen”.

The second frog not- so- rational, after few hours by continuous hopping churned the curd into butter under its limbs . From the solid butter that was formed,  the frog came up to the brim of pot by using the solid butter  and jumped out of the pot eventually.

There will be Resistance to processes and standardization initially. QA team with passion and conviction can churn out traps (of resistances) into values (butter) and see the way out for their organization.

Lessons Learnt  : Passion beyond perceived reason make impossible things possible.


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