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Quality not the weakest link in strongest chain

Quality – need not be – the – Weakest Link in the strongest chain

If  Quality in its attribute form is weaker then we have many issues with Reliability, Usability, Efficiency, maintainability taking major hit. On the other hand Quality function is weaker either because of lack of expertise, less control on the delivery processes or resistance from the development team, customer satisfaction will get hit.

Quality in its all form should become preferred culture rather than pleasured lecture. For this root causes instead of symptoms need to be strongly analyzed and eliminated. Setting up of CTQs(Critical to Quality) is essential for the continual improvements of the products / organization. CTQs are specification limits that are defined as quantifiable parameters as small as possible needed to ensure customer delight. Functional, Non functional, Safety and user friendly requirements for a product are not just enough to be identified. These requirements have to be broken down into small manageable measurement attributes that demonstrate customer needs.

Root causes of errors / non conformances from previous audits, peer / customer reviews, walk-throughs  are a great source of understating the gaps and converting them to CTQs. Group reviews of  customer contracts/requirements before and during the course of project will further refine the CTQs and in fact will serve as the future Best Practices. Quality can be strongest by converting the weakest gaps into CTQs.


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