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Skip process – blinding darkness, Follow it – darkening blindness

Skip process…. enter into blinding darkness

Follow process…………. embrace darkening blindness (greater darkness).

Skipping processes will never be good for the long term stability of the organization. Chaos will prevail and products and services will be delivered based on few Heroics rather than disciplined methods. Since it depends on few heroics of extremely talented resources, if those talented resources move out there will be major pains faced by the organization. This will involve more costs; dip in the bottom-line leading to losses.

On the other hand “following” ill defined or yesterday’s process without regard to today’s field realities of customer, market, technology or trends of future will lead to a greater failure. Because projects / people who are ignorant about process can at least be trained to understand and map their processes to efficiency. However not accepting innovation, sticking to older principles without concern for dynamics of customer, market will only help the system to fail in methodical manner. It will be counter productive to use older processes for current or future problems. Less process compliance at least will save some time and overheads.

Don’t skip (good) process, or blindly follow (old) process. Rather keep modifying the work flow to suit the market and technology demand. Innovation is they key here.

Set process or workflow based on current demands of the market; continuously attune the processes to address current and future dynamics of the market. INNOVATE.

Some methods:

  • TRIZ helps in reducing costs resulting in productivity improvements.
  • TOC advocates identifying bottle necks and handling them rightly to maintain work flow leading to higher throughputs
  • Lean propounds WASTE elimination
  • SIX SIGMA helps in getting the RIGHT product or service to meet customer delight with very minimal or NIL defects.
  • KAIZEN instills disciplined improvements on continuous basis.

By following any or combination of the above methodologies any organization would do well to improve their positions in terms of revenues, market share and sustenance.


4 Responses

  1. Right message for the times we are in.. Well summarized Krishna.


  2. Positive side of Non compliance is clearly stated here.
    While its usual to observe skipping and non adherence activities in many companies.
    The saddest part of my experience is not seeing any of the initiate listed above to improve current ineffective process.

  3. Thanks Krishna for showing that processes hava a purpose, and can come in different forms

    My definition of a process is: “The way we do things around here” (http://www.benlinders.com/2010/what-is-a-%E2%80%9Cprocess%E2%80%9D/). Hence there is always a process, and ways to improve it!

  4. Thanks Ben. I agree with you process is “The way we do things around here”. And not new document or revised version numbers.
    Your post throws great insights into understanding process per se.

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