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Cognitive Contradiction

Contradictions Matrix for Car On Slope and Quick Quality Product Release

Cognitive Contradiction

Brakes and Accelerator are both desirable Features of the any Vehicle. Though they are capable and many a time function mutually exclusively, I  have considered a specific situation i.e Trying to move a stationery Car from a slope, where these two features contradict each other.

Since Brakes and Accelerator are contradictory in their functions, a driver can obtain the objective of the system (driving forward) by handling both brakes and accelerator features in meticulous balance.

Similarly in Agile based delivery cycles (particularly SCRUM) the objective is to have a Quicker delivery and Quality product releases.

Here the contradicting components are Quick Release and Quality product. When the Life cycle duration of the product release is faster there is a tendency among the development team to skip upstream activities like Design review, Architecture Analysis, not bothering about requirement completeness etc. Just code and release.

At the same time if the Development team is just bothered only on managing, developing and tracing complete requirements by repeated reviews and walk thorough, they may not be able to deliver the product release to customer within timelines.

Solution :

Automate the reviews, unit testing, code integration, code reviews, testing etc.

Educate the resources on product requirements.

Collaborate with Customers in developing the product.

Involve Developer

Make team self adjusting


Simply Co create.

Be TRIZ until next press.


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