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Agile,CTQ and CTC

Agile,Critical to Quality (CTQ) and Critical to Customer (CTC)

Critical to Quality(CTQ) factors are meeting functional requirements,  catering to non functional requirements, complying to statutory and safety requirements, employee productivity, schedule, defects etc.

Critical to Customer (CTC) factors are on time release, defect free product, SLA adherence, service availability, communication, consistent service and delivery quality etc.

Agile being collaborative development concept, CTC and CTQ will be matching closely with each other. The visual signals like Collaborative Hub (a software Kanban equivalent), burn down charts provide excellent tools for reducing the gap between CTQ and CTC. Additional benefits like ensuring waste reduction, eliminating unnecessary reviews and unwanted sign-offs come us bonus along with Agile adaptation.

On the limitations (or should we say initial investment), the Agile team should have prior experience in disciplined software engineering approaches before attempting to Agile. It helps a great deal. It is like having net practice in a tennis match before the real match.  Do not underestimate the development team software engineering experience.

Truly when CTQ = CTC, Co-Creation happens in Agile.


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