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Standardization Vs Innovation

are two sides of the same coin.

In many SME organizations there are constraints related to pricing, competition, process frameworks,  defect rates, people challenges like attrition etc.

The question is with all these challenges  does it make it benefit to follow too many processes? 

Who determine the process and their extents? Development team? competitors methodology?, CXO?, QA?, best industry practices?… 

It is a combination of all the above that holds the key. If the team size is 20-50 and project duration is fairly longer like 1-2 years it is necessary to have full fledged processes with change management, project management and project controls in place. However if the team size is less than 5, fixed bid projects, then the team should embrace Agile and carve out a customized workflow to suit just your own project.

Sometimes it may so happen that looking at the success of the new carved out projects, we might have eliminated some real MUDAs (wastes) by plan or by chance . This waste reduction should be applied continuously in all projects. If we take a look and analyze these projects during closure meetings, we will be able to get some good lessons learnt, and those lessons can be regularized as processes for the next year.

These kind of standardization and new process innovations (either through customization or kaizen or just any continual improvement methods) will go a long way in ensuring the organization’s success in terms of revenues, market standing and delivering defect free products.

Simply PDCA it – Shewhart cycle


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