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Examining before selection

Theraan Thelivum Thelindaankan Iyuravum

Theera Idumbai tharum

On untested, trust: on tested, doubt; both cause irremovable agony

Project should never select resources without examining the required abilities, also should never doubt about the choice of the selected (after examining).

Great philosopher Thiruvalluvar through the above couplet poet stresses the process of examining in other words review and testing of resources. Though here the direct connotation is for human resources, it can be extended to the selection of Men, Machine, Methods, Money and Measuring tools also.

In the software development methodologies, every aspect of the team right from its resources, tools, technology, platform and SDLC life cycle should be carefully examined before selecting for them to implement in any project. After selecting these with due consideration of reviews and testing, the team and the head should not doubt the ability of any of these elements. This is to say Plan your work and work your plan. Deming’s PDCA.


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