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Education – Remains of Knowledge

Jobs are plenty. Right resource for the right job is a problem. If one does a simple root cause analysis one will be able to understand some underlying causes. After knowing the causes is it possible to address the problem. Not always easy.

 Manufacturing industries have more than 100 years of experience and fairly understood the nitty-gritty of consumer requirements and more importantly about the right way of developing products and services using right tools and techniques. It is safer to assume this.

In the dynamic word of IT, software development is still evolving with multitudes of technologies and tools every day. Much as we appreciate this fact, how the IT industry is ready for producing great products / services to customers is the question?

Software engineers should gain knowledge and skills on continuous basis through not only formal trainings in-house and external faculties, but also should do fair amount of exploration in social media like Google, TechReublic, Technorati , Blogs, Digg and countless other industry-academy forums.

As the years go by people tend to forget what they learnt from colleges, industries and even in previous projects. It is essential and necessary requirement for resources to remain well informed and hands-on on continual basis. This is the way we can keep minimum required skills for successful career in Software Development field.

Albert Einstein:

“Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school”.


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