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Lean : Value,postion,people

Position the people or people the position. Neither.

Positioning people -flaws::

Positioning people for the “experience” may not be all time good, especially in the future growth perspective. It is the disposition as the attribute should drive the position. Every one irrespective of the position should have objective and goals set. Not only the dynamism and action at the top help the senior management but also really motivate the bottom of the hierarchy.

How? If the Top management constantly updates and committed to continual innovation , then there’s a chance that they might try to understand the innovation triggered in the middle and bottom tiers of the organization. Senior management will appreciate the extra work put in by the bottom tier people in addition to catering to the standard roles they perform. In other words Lean and flat thinking sets into the organization leading to world class.

People the position : challenges ::

Though not seemingly as flawed as the former choice, it puts in some sort of constant pressure for the management and HR function to seek and fill the hierarchical roles whether useful or not. Instead if the flat organization approach is followed in spirit and philosophy. HR and Management functions need not worry about people labeling. The organization will itself adapt and mature into flat organization and will take care of itself to fit people with suitable positions. This will too lead to Lean thinking organization where core is focused and wastes are discarded.

Be Lean.
Be Value centric.
Eliminate Waste.
Respect People.
Disposition position.


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