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Imperfect Quality Vs Perfect Defect

An imperfect quality is better than a perfect defect.

trying to measure software metrics like Plan effectiveness, project tracking parameters right from requirements through design to release attributes will be better than non measurement and “trying to save time”.

Irrespective of project size or duration always have plan. In fact the shorter the life of project stricter the planning required. It goes without saying that in the long duration projects one can have some chances to correct some errors and in Agile projects it is not possible. Hence planning activity should be performed and measured as a minimum for the effectiveness. Plan and actuals exist for all activities and the project should measure this attribute as minimum metric.

Even maintenance and bug fixing projects should measure few important attributes for better control of project. Over a period of time better measurement system will evolve out of such projects on its own that will help other projects also.

Lack of data has proved to be real handicap for many software projects that could have otherwise become more successful.

In the beginning let the metric system be erroneous with little data and no trends. Never mind. Actually it should be less accurate in the initial stages reflecting the early stage of maturity of the project. As the project carries on more data points will be available and the metric system will get consistently approximate. Then put back the plan in such a way as to follow the actual. Once the planning tries to catch up with actual,then start measuring planning vs actual that will be the threshold point for good metric system.

Measure Quality and it will pay back riches in the long run.

Start with imperfect Quality than “save” time by not measuring and leaving defects consistently in the system.

An imperfect quality is better than a perfect defect.


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