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Why balance when you can command Work and Life

Balance, Manage and Control all are fire fighters’ pitch.

Master, Command and Attune are Living pitches.

Work Life Command is much better sounding and smart choice than Work life balance.

You are confident you have the expertise, then command the work priorities, make your own schedule. This is the way to reach excellence surely. When you command the work you have plenty of time to live the Life too. You can spend Quality time with Family, check kids weekly syllabus at school, meet up their teachers, go to toy shop, spend time in shopping and whole lot of thing.

On the other hand people who do not have “time” for living life (its better term than Family life, because one may have may other zones like community, play, sports, adventures etc other than family and work) they need to struggle managing and balancing. Balancing means compromising in either side from time to time. Worst after doing meticulous balancing both sides still leave you wanting. More Quarterly goals pressures from work, quality time demands from the family.

The key is:

1. Work on your expertise and create differentiation. Add value to work. In mind love your work and enjoy work rather than responding to demands and tasks at work place.

2. Understand that more is always more. People to need to have some threshold to their personal goals, wealth. It will help reduce stresses, help to assuage pressures and maintain peace. The more people achieve more the wants. Mind calculates all time as business time and will eventually perpetuate into the people close relationships time also leading to quarrel and break at its worst.

3. Peace is permanent and is achieved through contentment. Wants perpetuates wants.

4. Develop a real sportive attitude. Best of soccer teams, best of players, best of any sports champions understand that only one party can win and others at best give out their super performance and gets content with that. If this is the way people attune then surely both life and work can be commanded and mastered.


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