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Excellence élan

There is no defeat in having a goal as excellence.

Success may not be immediate outcome of excellence.

Nevertheless if the efforts are noble and consistent towards excellence the work becomes fragrance itself. The reward for effort to excellence will come at appropriate time and in bounty. Resist the path to short lived success and Lean towards sustaining achievement by attuning with Excellence.

Few thoughts:

Excellence élan :

Manifestos are great defining. Greater if implemented
Visions and missions are fine year wise. Wonderful if they are a decade wise.
Lean is more . Lesser the MUDAs (wastes) more the Value.
Quicker the iterations delivered, better the products usability
Lighter the documentation overheads more the benefits for stakeholders

Talk Folks

More the conversation between stakeholders, lesser the defects in iterations / deliveries
Increased code integration means decreased defects injected
Earlier the testing begins clearer(of bugs) the product
Talk (interaction) more bug (overheads) less


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