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Agile Delivery – Hindsight or Hunch

Neither. It is a Hybrid approach of many essentials.

For the Hunch:

Experienced team knows what are the priorities for the current sprint release.
Experienced team that knows why they are skipping few processes explicitly.
Experienced team has ability to help customer in driving the Agile projects.
Experienced team ensures that requirements are PULLed from stakeholders,
Experienced team minimize wait times for development and test phase activities.

Once the sprint team starts working on burning their stories thing like estimation, explicit configuration management, documented reviews will become less pronounced. In this way this follows the Hunch of the Agile professionals involved.

For the Hindsight:

Hunch comes from hindsight
Competence on pair programming
Consult the customers
Expertise in understating the product owner’s and stakeholder’s requirement,
Fitting the most wanted in the current release,
Collaborating with customers daily, continuous integration,
Ability to create test cases that would drive development

all these form part of experience by hindsight.

Though review and refactor are some of the powerful agile concepts in ensuring quality deliverables in Agile delivery, still in complex mission critical projects structured programming will always tick. Some projects take few months to develop even a prototype, these projects should be grounded on solid software engineering principles. The prototypes are continuously refined and customized with the feedback from the stakeholders involved.

Hybrid model approach suits best for software development in general and Agile in particular.


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