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Leader : Position Vs Dispostion

In my last post https://3point4.wordpress.com/2009/11/10/leader-by-nature-or-nurture/ I have spoken my views about leadership mentioning that everyone is potential leader.

I will try to analyze few qualities of leader here. We are aware that a leader should lead by example. Actions of leaders inspire masses than their words. Taking care of their following / team / people leaders try to sympathize with the people and protect them in case crisis. It is applicable in all situations like war, office, home, society etc.

Leaders leave a legacy that can be emulated. By this the knowledge, skill and management expertise become available and replicated in the people they lead. This is very important.  With present day facilities like wiki, internet, web and may more it is easier for people to look for the best practices and comply with that.

Another important quality of leader is his disposition rather than position.

A leader may be a state head, sports hero, great artist or a scientist or social worker, true leader help people by coming to the level of people and understanding their problem from the masses perspective and provide service and help.  A true leader does not stick to his position (status) but dispositions himself / her and get to work to the level required to make things beneficial to all

More on this soon.


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