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Leader by Nature or Nurture

A legend goes in Indian history. Great King Janaka in his dream perceived himself as a beggar. After waking up he started questioning his very identity whether he was a king dreaming himself as a beggar or a beggar dreaming himself to be a king. Which state was his true state?

He decided to clear his identity confusion with his Guru and great sage Ashtavakra. Guru whispered into the ear of Janaka, neither this nor that is real. Neither meaning he was neither a king (The LEADER) nor a beggar (the led). But the Atman – The God Principle. Simply it means the self realization is the state of every aspiring human. In the contemporary world we should consider everyone as a leader. Only few manifest themselves by removing their ignorance (a feeling that they are not leaders) as leaders and others still clouded by their “subordinates” feeling remain to be led by others.

I was greatly inspired by this story that has sort of cleared confusion over my mind with regard to leadership, Quality and all positives attributes of Business. The debate as to whether leaders are born or made has almost become a non-issue. Leader is one who realizes the leadership ability in oneself. People who realize their potential (and remove the feeling that they lack leadership) become leaders, those who are clouded themselves with numbers and statistics (on the qualifications, social and educational backgrounds) as to who makes the leader, will not make leaders on their own or take a very long time to become leaders.

No statistics can be a pointer in determining whether Leaders have school background, university backgrounds, business education or wealth. Though education is a great aid in becoming a leader. What sort of education are we talking about? Is it about degree certificates / internships / on the job training in curriculum / Web based training? / class room / Web 2.0 kind of training? Yes all these can again be aiding the leader in grooming himself / herself. Great Leaders get motivation from common people and in turn motivate others. Great leaders did not require other people to make them, they realize at one point of time they have their inner abilities and go about working on it and finally realize thier leadership ability

A leader is one who identifies his potential and produces his best in the interest of the society. All mothers are leaders for they are selfless. All social workers, community workers, soldiers and serving people are leaders indeed.

A leader is neither born nor made but identified himself / herself and performs to the fullest potential of oneself.


4 Responses

  1. Yes. I agree with you on your observation that ‘a leader is neither born nor made but identified himself / herself and performs to the fullest potential of oneself’

    In Indian philosophy, we say ‘Tat Tvam Asi’. It translates to ‘that art thou’. God is in you; You are God. Difference between the leader and the rest is that leader is able to see the God in the self and the other is lost in the illusion.

    Therefore, I think it is natural that ‘A leader is neither born nor made but identified himself / herself’. It is a case of self realization and self actualization.

  2. Thanks for your comment Vinod. I agree with you 100% on ‘Tat Tvam Asi’. Great Spritual Guru Sri Adi Sankara and other Galaxy of sages and saints from India had propounded from Hill Tops and mountains to the entire humanity about the Self realization and set up perfect practices for others to follow and attain.

    I take this opportunity to pay my greatest respects those Great Gurus.

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