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Thirukkural – FMEA, Elimination of MUDA

A great Management and Productive thought of Thirukkural

Verse :

EthirathAk  kAkkum Arivinaarku Illai

Athira Varuvuthor Noy

Direct meaning:

Those people of capable intellect who can feel the imminent pains and have plans to tackle them,  know not of any fear from sufferings.

Lean Six Sigma inference

A Six Sigma methodology foresees and expects pain points and adresses them with fall back plans. This when combined with lean practices makes perfect formula in eliminating wastes and mitigating the unfavourable impact. 

Six Sigma uses FMEA, Risk Planning, Forecasting – Hence expects and reduces pains and preapres the solution. Lean eliminates waste increase productivity and beautifully compliments Six Sigma.


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