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Preferable over Pleasurable

Preferable over Pleasurable

It is easy for the start ups and small organizations to choose the delectable (no process) over the electable (disciplined process).

These delectable ways like skipping the upstream activities of development like Architecture, good design, non commitment to testing-early and committing downstream mistakes like avoiding unit testing, not doing enough test coverage, poor regression testing all these leads to failure of project deliveries. New start-ups and small organizations that do not have long term vision and trying to skip these best practices may pick up few wins initially from small customers but suffer in the long run.


The big problem that they will eventually face is Scalability and not able to even sustain the present growth either owing to the so called “path of least resistance” ways chosen and cultivated them deep into DNA’s of their organizations. Having been used to delectable ways of cow boy coding, ‘code and test as you like’ methods suddenly the organizations realize that they could no longer hold to present level of  raw processes.

Then the organizations will start to use some kind of “silver bullet” that would never work. They seek the help of external consultants and fix the process problems temporarily. Finally maintaining the ‘made up’ process becomes more painful than ‘no process’ state. This is the point delectable organizations will feel maximum disappointment. From no process to “forced quick fix processes” . Then they engage into activities like training, mentoring and motivating the staff and the self (Management themselves). All these come with huge cost and time expense.

Have a fairly long vision and deep insight in this competitive world of web 2.0, elect best practices and desist from delectable short cuts.

Choose the Preferable (Best Practice Process) over the pleasurable (skipping process).


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  1. […] is very easy to breach than honour processes for the sake of meeting delivery schedules, more so in Agile context.  However solid […]

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