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MUDA 6 – Motion

Motion (Unnecessary movement). Spending extra time and wasted motion of employees during the course of their work to find relevant information about the tasks and projects, such as looking for, reaching for, or stacking parts, tools, etc.Motion - MUDA

In software development projects spread-out-teams in different locations within the organization should be avoided. If Dev, Testing and support teams are available in same location, easy to schedule stand-of meetings and less movements that leads to increased productivity.

Wastage of time and energy to find information is called Motion in seven types of MUDA. Teams not maintaining proper libraries for components, tables and process assets. This means every project has to reinvent the wheel all the times to start from fresh for building all components. Best way to address this to have intranets that has collaborative platforms marinating various technical and process assets of the company. Holding regular knowledge sharing sessions, lessons learnt meeting will help to minimize the Motion Muda.


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