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MUDA 5 – Over processing

Over processing. Taking more steps than necessary to accomplish tasks. Using poor Quality Tools, incompatible software and hardware result in poor product design, producing defective product outcomes.Overprocessing -MUDA

In software development Over processing normally results in requirements gold plating, design gold plating, etc. This means taking extra steps and sequences when the task /activity in hand can be completed with minimal steps.

Too much documentation, trying to cater more than what is required for the application / product. Developers not adhering with best code practices by avoiding comments in the code. This introduces lots of person dependency leading to costly maintenance for the code. Improper planning by project heads and inefficient task assignments in random manner all contribute to poor code quality. This loads the reviewers’ and testers’ time and again result in reworking the code for the developer. Good project management practices as per PMO could address these issues


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