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MUDA 3 – Unnecessary Transport or conveyance


MUDA – 3  TransportationTransportation- MUDA

Moving parts, components and other materials between location to location often with less planning leading to wastage of time and effort on the part of the workers and the task being done.

In software development  sending artifacts between different people and getting this reviewed, approved and commented and implementing the feedbacks are considered Transportation waste. Again Peer review, pair programming and Test Driven Development approaches of Agile help to a larger extent in avoiding to and fro movements of the work products between different resources at different levels within the project.

Since the Product and Sprint Backlogs represent the exact status of the Sprint / iteration in Agile projects it greatly reduces transportation of various artifacts between stakeholders.

Right from Project Planning, prioritization, tracking, review and retrospective everything happens within the sprint development with focused and self empowered scrum team, Transportation wastes are almost fully eliminated in Agile development methodologies


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