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MUDA 2 – Waiting


Waiting Time - MUDAWaiting  :

Agile is based on Lean Principles and best addresses this MUDA – Waiting .

In manufacturing environment a worker waiting to get other parts ready before he can go ahead with his component machining. Waiting for tools, material supply or simply waiting for any resources before the worker could start or continue working on his present task.

In software development following could be MUDA – waiting time

1. Unnecessary Hand-offs , waiting for approval for artifacts like Design Document, Requirements document, Code base for review etc.

2. Excessive change request approvals (developed habits from waterfall models)

3. Server set up time, tools installation

4. Uninformed absence of team member waiting for a replacement resource et all.

Agile best addresses this by recommending customer collaboration, shared source code, daily reviews through white boards and backlogs status reviews, empowered team working on self managed basis etc.

While I do not know of exact  data on how much idle time (non productive time) is spent in waiting time in software projects. In manufacturing industries they have been able to identify and eliminate significant percentage of this type of waste leading to very high levels of productivity and improved product Quality


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