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Audit a cup or coffee?

Audit  a cup or coffee?

Fundamental drivers of a project success like Budget, Schedule and Quality should be kept in mind during auditing a project.

While Budget is not a direct audit element, Schedule and Quality are.  

If   Y = Success of project

X = combination of   ‘x’s like Budget, Quality and Schedule

Y = F (Budget, Quality, Schedule)

While it is important that Process should take care of leading the project without depending upon individuals it should not be designed in such a manner that holds productivity. Like overly focusing on structure of documents like font sizes, styles, formatting menus and other trivial areas. It is great to have documents in consistent and uniform manner and still greater to have products rolled out to customers / end customers on schedule with right quality and budget. A working product is more important than a work product.

This is becoming increasingly significant in project success related to Agile and Lean Development. In typical Scrum based Agile projects artifacts can include just snapshots of white board messages and post it notes. Here the central principle is people orientation rather than document based. There should be solid pre scrum work products like Concept document, Design and Architecture documents that are correctly done. If these foundations are strong then the project execution need not worry about producing too many records and artifacts. Since all stakeholders are involved on daily basis in monitoring product backlog project teams can do away with unnecessary excessive documentation. Stakeholders participate in product evolution continuously leading to quicker working products that fetches early ROIs for all stakeholders.

Process should be designed on the basis of customer satisfaction and end user satisfaction rather than documentation.

Auditors can concentrate on the Products (coffee) rather than work products (cup).  Otherwise Audits on Lean and Agile projects will impede the innovation and creation of new products and concepts.


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