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Internal (Quality) Audits suggestions

  • Have the Internal Auditors trained preferably by external training agencies
  • Prepare a schedule of Internal Audit not exceeding 5 days Duration
  • Circulate the schedule to All the Auditors, Auditees and respective managers
  • Have an opening meeting between Auditors and Auditees
  • Explain the Audit scope, Criteria and Objective
  • Discuss the Audit report template and method of completing the report
  • Insist on mentioning the sampled artifact / document / record of the audit
  • Start the Audit with a request to brief about the project
  • Understand the present phase / state of project and observe a live product sample with full cycle
  • Summarize the Audit findings to the auditee
  • Prepare Audit report and send it to auditee
  • Get into agreement on findings, nature and agreed time frame of resolution of findings
  • State the observation ( as observed) , Categorization (Non conformance / Opportunity for Improvement / Good Practice)  and Attribution (to the Standard clause reference like ISO 9001:2000).
  • Present objective evidence for any category of finding.
  • Send the audit report with good detail that helps the auditee to take effective Correction, Corrective and Preventive actions.
  • Verify the Corrective and Preventive action, record the status of the findings as resolved, open etc.
  • Help the auditee in the interpretation of clauses and process requirements
  • While auditing be positive and share the finding in a proactive manner
  • Do not forget to record good practices if any observed
  • Do not nitpick on trivial issues
  • Be focused on objective and scope of the audit
  • Summarize all findings of all projects and functions
  • Perform Pareto evaluation on the summary to see if there few critical issues that are responsible for majority of the findings
  • Hold Closing meeting between Auditors and Auditees
  • Discuss the root causes of non conformities in the closing meeting
  • Identify a plan of action for eliminating the root causes and spreading the good practices

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