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Internal Vs External Audits


Internal Audits External Audits
First Party Audits Third Party Audits
Aimed at Process Maturity Earning accreditation from Audit agencies
Scopes 100% coverage Sampling audits on few projects
Findings reported on all life cycles and phases Focused on few selected areas
Auditors have good grip of the project, organization and customers and hence findings can prove very beneficial in improving process maturity Auditors do not have full grasp of the organization and the findings will be based on standard’s recommendation, Industry best practices
Brings about vertical process yields Introduces new process paradigm based on Industry standards and can provide substantial benefits if Auditors have good domain experience
Takes a longer cycle time from scheduling to closure Very effective performed  within 2 to 3 days in all respects
Senior management does not take results very seriously Senior management is very keen on the results
Help project management team for managing the projects Helps senior management, sales teams with an edge when looking out for prospective clients
Done based on internal QMS Performed based on International standards
Conclusion : It is best to use the reports of the findings of both internal audits and external audits to develop a health mechanism that can continuously monitor the health of the Projects across the organization

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