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Communication MUDA’s spoilsport Projects

If the basic communication itself is lacking in organizations how can people concepts like Scrum work. The very reason that Lean (Manufacturing counterpart of Agile) is more successful and effective in a manufacturing environment directly goes to prove that standardization of communication is the key element in achieving Agile and Lean Success.


Typically an average programmer concentrates only in coding and few other phases like Unit testing and requirements stages. It is essential that a basic project management exposure in general and communication skills in particular will need to be provided to the programmers to make them effective project management resources rather than coding workers. This again should start from Top Management and its commitment towards importance of adequate communication skills and training. Some examples could be good e-mail etiquettes, team discussion skills, client facing skills and the commitment towards responding to the queries and mails within stipulated time period. Training plays a major role in identifying and eliminating communication MUDAs from the projects and the organization.

 Some simple instances of ineffective communication MUDAs are :

1.Non responsiveness to e-mail

2.Not acknowledging the important tasks assigned (both internal / client tasks)

3.Showing non involvement in team meetings

4.Demotivating the team members

5.Ineffective time sheet management

6.Nitpicking trivial errors of co workers

7.Poor presentation skills. The list could be endless.


The point that needs to be taken home is that unless Communication MUDA’s are eliminated the project management won’t be effective let alone Lean and Agile concepts


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