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Lean-in Effect

The effect of Lean processes in organizations depends upon their use and application of Lean technologies.

Manufacturing companies in general and automobiles in particular leverage maximum profits by applying Lean methodologies. Since Toyota showed the way it becomes much easier for the related industries to bench mark and improvise on Lean techniques. Lean when combined with techniques like Six Sigma and modern management decision making systems can catapult organizations into great levels of innovation and achievement.

However in industries like software organizations which are already deprived of stronger process cultures and orientation one need to choose and deploy Lean in a conscious manner. The Planning and tracking activities of projects management growing small organizations generally tend to skip good reviews and walkthroughs of various artifacts. Here the Lean has to be applied in reducing the length of the coding activities rather than the upstream activities like Requirements Analysis, Architecture, Design and creation of use cases and test cases.

Hence the Lean champion should use Lean methodologies to drive out MUDAs rather than essential developmental activities.

Swami A.Parthasarathy in his lecture liken the nature of divine to electricity. He says that Atman (the God principle) is like electricity . It manifests its power in the equipments it drives according to the nature and the capacity of the equipment. It manifests itself in less luminosity in 5 Watts bulbs, much luminous in 100 Watts and still greater in 1000 Watts bulbs. Also it varies in effect as in a bulb it shines, in a fan / Air conditioner it provides cooling / heating, in elevators it takes people and powered engines it transports. In all through this the same Voltage current (120 / 240 Volts and 5-6 amps ) operates. The output effect depends upon how well the design of the equipment is done, its capacity and utility.

Similarly any tool in our discussion Lean can be as good as its application and usage. if it is misused (like electricity) for the purpose of reducing the resources or short cutting few important steps it will actually back fire. It is not the fault of Lean.

Lean is as good as it is leaned upon.


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