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Nature inspires Quality and Perfection

Taking a slight deviation from my other posts I will be uninhibited in postings under Nature and its impact on Quality evolution.

With many of the laws and theories that govern the universe we can easily appreciate and get amazed about the brilliant and wonderful ways in which the nature behaves.

Earth rotatates every day once on its own  and every 365 days aroud Sun with no brakes, Moon has regular new moon and full moon cycles.  The seasons change perpetually between spring, summer,autumn and winter . There are regular monsoons. Can we call it Super repetability? Super reliability or Ever predictable?

Ever wondered what will happen if earth rotates slightly slower or faster, and moves in its axis of orientation? What will happen if  Sun / Moon or any other celestial objects move away or towards the earth few meters ?

But these will never happen ( I am not considering here few universal exceptions like once in a million years some chaos takes place etc).

Can we call it Six Sigma or Sixty Sigma process? What would one assign as Sigma level for these wonderful things about universe? What are the process capability levels? What are the maturity levels at which these processes operate?

Come to think of it, nature behaves itself  irrespective of the way it is being treated or used by the occupants,  its perfection is independant of its so called stake holders like different countries, people, climate and other elements in the universe.

If  Quality fraternity can take a cue from this then there is really no upper ceiling as to which the continual improvement can happen in any organization.

Just a musing on the irresistible nature of the Nature and its motivational effect on the universe.

We saulte you the Mother Nature!


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