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SIPOC – simple example – training

Supplier Inputs Process Outputs Customer
Indenting function Request form Specialized training request Request sent Training department
Respective Functional Head Names of the resources Nomination of the participants for training. Mail confirmation Training department
Training department Names of people received as requests from all functions Short listing  the nominated participants 


List of attendees for the training Respective departments and functions
Training and functions List of training vendors Choosing/ approval of trainers Approved trainer details Training dept. and functions
Functions and departmental heads Suggested training topics and course notes Approval of the training material content Training content Functions and departments
Training function Training course, venue, material and others Perform training as per the schedule and content for fulfillment of training needs. Training course being conducted Approved 


Departments and functions Course proceedings and effectiveness Evaluation of training effectiveness Feedback on training All departments, functions and training function

2 Responses

  1. Hello, I need an example of SIPOC

    • Hello

      I have modified the SIPOC example with more clear details. This is a sample about Training process SIPOC


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