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Selection of Project Model

No matter if you be a pro-process, Agilist, Conformist or a task-er

As long as the focus is on QCD,

Success, revenues and Business are.

There is no single model or approach that is either right or wrong all the times.


It does not matter if one is following processes in a disciplined manner, embraced Agile, adapts any other model or simply work on tasked based requirements, if the Quality, Cost and Delivery parameters are being tracked effectively, the project will always be successful. The key is to fit the model that suits the requirement.


There are best practices in each of the models, like Good reviews and efficient design in structured approach, continuous integration, frequent working deliveries in Agile model, working on SLAs in maintenance or task based models.


In fact a project can adapt different models during its life cycle depending upon the merits of the situations. Project Manager should exercise the efforts towards increasing the productivity with reduced defects, ship the product on time and deliver within the budget.


Hence in future the trend may be just to take best practices from all quarters in suitable proportions and apply it to the project implementation. Even methodologies from manufacturing like Lean, Japanese techniques like Muda for elimination of waste and Kaizen for continual improvements can be used appropriately to enhance project success.


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