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Still more on timeless Management wisdom

Atrin Varunda Varuththam Palarnindru

Potrinum Poththu Padum

The methods and processes if not chosen and applied correctly the project are sure to fail even if many resources are engaged in it.

Aruvinai Enba Ulavoe Karuviyaan

kalam Arindu Seyin

Is there anything difficult for a leader to do, if he implements the tasks with the right tools at the right time? Here the selection and application of tools using them in staging, production and testing environments is stressed. The right time refers to the suitable stages of development like using various tools appropriately through out the life cycle right from requirement, design, coding and testing phases.

Idumbaikku Idumbai Paduppar Idumbaikku

Idumbai Padaa thavar

Leaders challenge the challenges since they are focused and are carrying out their projects with meticulous planning and executing them with clinical precision. They do not succumb to failures during testing times, they endure the challenges gracefully and look ahead for the long term goals.

Karuviyum Kaalamum Seigaiyum Seyyum

Aruvinayum Mandathu Amaichchu

Leader is one who makes an excellent choice of the methods and tools, timing, deployment mode and undertakes challenging projects with confidence.

Soozhchi Mudivu Thuniveidal Aththunivu

Thazchchiyul Thanguthal Theethu

Collaborative consultation involving all stake holders should arrive at a resolution of pending action plans. Delay in executing the resolved plans will lead to failures.


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